Gut health is the cornerstone to boosting the gains and condition of your cattle, which is why Cadelga Cattle Company Directors Jason and Maureen Johnstone have included the market’s most extensively researched direct-fed microbial probiotic, Beef Culture, in their feeding program.

Jason and Maureen opened the gates to the Cadelga Cattle Company feedlot in the heart of the Darling Downs in 2018. Running about 5000 head of cattle, they feed a combination of British breeds for the domestic market and Black Angus on a longer-fed program for the export market. 

Beginning their feeding operation, Jason and Maureen met with Austasia Animal Products where they were introduced to AAP’s signature specific organic trace mineral additives and premium probiotic products. 

“At the time of opening Cadelga Cattle Company, Australia was in the groups of an intense drought,” Maureen said.

“The 2018 drought affected the majority of the Eastern Coast, with little rainfall making its way to the mainland which impacted the pasture quality for local farms. We had noticed the decline in the pasture quality had affected the condition of incoming cattle.

"Because the quality of pasture wasn't providing enough sustenance for the cattle coming in, we our own research for a product to help improve the gut health of our cattle which led us to Beef Culture."

Maureen Johnstone, Cadelga Cattle Company

One of Cadelga Cattle Company's premium beef cattle.
Cadelga Cattle Company's premium Cattle - Picture: Cadelga Cattle Company

“AAP had the research and the data supporting positive benefits Beef Culture presents.” 

Beef Culture is a direct-fed microbial that consists of Christian Hansen’s patented combination of Lactobacillus animallis and Propionibacterium freudenreichii, which is prepared at AAP’s state-of-the-art facility in Forbes, NSW. 

This combination of lactic acid-producing and utilising bacteria enables changes to the gastrointestinal microflora, inhibiting the growth of gram-negative pathogens such as Salmonella, E coli., and Clostridia.  

AAP National Business Manager Paul Lloyd said by inhibiting the growth of gram-negative pathogens in cattle, Beef Culture encourages the lengthening of intestinal villi which leads to an increased capacity for nutrient absorption.

“Improving the digestive system in feedlot cattle at the start of a feeding program sets up the foundation to better utilise their feed to improve their health performance,” he said. 

“Enhancing the intestinal health of feeding cattle can remove the roadblocks to set your cattle up for success.”

After introducing Beef Culture into their feeding program, Jason and Maureen started to see positive changes in their cattle after about two weeks.

“The cattle that we introduced Beef Culture to were producing manure that was of a healthy consistency,” Maureen said. 

“Working with AAP, they’ve taken the time to get to know not only our operation but also Jason and I with their excellent personable service. I recommend Austasia Animal Products, ZinMet, and Beef Culture to any lot feeders looking to enhance the performance of their operation.”  

Learn more about the market’s most extensively researched probiotic additive, Beef Culture, and its benefits for beef cattle.

New CEO to lead Australia’s market leader in specific organic trace minerals and probiotic additives.

Austasia Animal Products (AAP) has announced the appointment of experienced agribusiness manager Gerhard Oberholzer as its new CEO. Joining the AAP team on Monday, September 11, Gerhard picks up from where former CEO Chris O’Brien left off in retirement.

 Experienced agribusiness manager Gerhard Oberholzer joins AAP as their new CEO.

As CEO, Gerhard says his first six months in the role will be learning about AAP’s business, understanding their market, and getting to know their customers.

“AAP is committed to supplying safe, high-quality, and cost-effective products for all Australian livestock industries and it’s within this proven framework, I believe we will grow market share and broaden our product offering from our industry-leading manufacturing facility in Forbes, NSW,” Gerhard says. 

Having worked with the company throughout his career, Gerhard says it’s a highly sought after opportunity to work with AAP’s qualified team and proven product as their CEO.

Working in the agriculture industry all his life, Gerhard’s experience in primary production and agribusiness spans over 35 years, in both Australian and South Africa industries.

With a Bachelor’s in Engineering, Masters in Business Administration, and a Masters in Project Management, Gerhard says he enjoys the challenge of value adding agricultural commodities and by-products, creating feed sources for our food, by applying scientific disciplines.

“Arriving in Australia in 2004, in pursuit of a better future for our children. Since moving to Australia, I continued with my career in agribusiness with oilseed processing, value adding commodities, before moving to stock feed manufacturing,” he says.

“My experience in Australia’s stock feed industry has prepared me to add value to AAP’s business through assessing and improving staff engagement, operational efficiencies, business systems and market growth.”

Gerhard says the Australian farming industry is facing a lot of demands from consumers, government, and other stakeholder groups.

“I believe our farmers are still the best people to address these demands that are being placed on the industry and we, as part of the feed industry, will work tirelessly to assist the farmer through scientifically developed solutions for animal welfare.”

Learn more about Australia’s market leader in specific organic trace minerals and probiotic additives for livestock industries.


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