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Premium quality Trace Minerals and Probiotics for Beef and Sheep Industries, Equine Health, and Dairy Herds.

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Austasia Animal Products is committed to supplying evidence-based, high-quality organic trace minerals and probiotic products vital to the health, growth and protein synthesis in production animals—manufactured and processed in our Forbes, NSW, facility.

We support all livestock industries across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia, including:

  • Beef Feedlots
  • Dairy Herds
  • Sheep Feedlots
  • Equine Farriers and Health Specialists

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Beef Culture®

Beef Culture is the most extensively researched ruminant direct fed microbial (DFM) on the market today. Fed across commercial feedlots in the USA, South Africa (Bovamine) and Australia, it is supported by numerous feeding regime trials confirming it’s positive impacts upon microbiome diversity, immune function, increased ruminal pH and reduced incidence of lactic acidosis.


ZinMet is a combined source of organic trace minerals, Zinc and Chromium, bound to methionine which increases the absorption of these minerals through the gastrointestinal tract. Suitable for cattle, sheep and dairy herds, research-based evidence confirms ZinMet's ability to improve average daily gain, feed conversion efficiency, better stress tolerance and reduce hoof problems.

LiquiTrace 8®

A combined source of Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Chromium and Selenium, and Cobalt, LiquiTrace 8 enhances dairy herd performance to improve hoof health, reduce somatic cell count, increase milk output and improve feed conversion efficiency.


FlakeRite is a non-ionic water surfactant that assists water to penetrate more evenly and deeper into grain particles, improving grain flaking. In rations, it enables better retention of moisture and can be used in molasses to improve flow and pumping efficiencies.

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