ZinMet® for Dairy

A Purpose-Built Additive to Help Your Dairy Herd Stay Healthy & Productive

Protect, heal, and optimise productivity with ZinMet® for Dairy

Proudly manufactured in Australia, ZinMet® continues to be the product of choice for dairy farmers across Australia and New Zealand, thanks to its many tested, evidence-based benefits.
Reduces mastitis by up to
Reduces lameness by up to
Bypass rumen degradation rate of

Why ZinMet® for Dairy?

ZinMet®'s extensive trial work has proven to benefit dairy herds by:
  • Reducing hoof problems caused by wet ground or harsh surfaces
  • Reducing somatic cell count by enhancing epithelial tissue integrity, skin, mammary tissue, hoof, gut and lung wall
  • Preventing and treating mastitis by healing and sustaining mammary tissue
  • Boosting milk production
A combined source of organic trace minerals (Zinc and Chromium bound to methionine), ZinMet® increases mineral absorption through the gastrointestinal tract and bypasses the rumen degradation at a rate of ~80%.
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The Importance of Trace Minerals for Dairy Cattle

with Allen McDonald, Director of Technical Services, Global Animal Products
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What is LiquiTrace®8?

LiquiTrace®8 is a combined source of the organic trace minerals: Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Chromium and Selenium with an inorganic source of Cobalt. The unique complexation of minerals to a specific organic escort makes LiquiTrace®8 more readily available for absorption through the wall of the gastrointestinal tract. LiquiTrace®8 can be added into stock feeds to:
  • Increase milk production
  • Reduce somatic cell count
  • Stimulate keratin production to reduce hoof problems
  • Boost immunity
  • Improve feed conversion efficiency
  • Promote calf growth
  • Enhance epithelial tissue integrity
  • Improve reproductive health, cycling and conception rates
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Backed by science, proven by performance.

Trust Australia’s market leaders in organic trace minerals for dairy cattle.
Contact our team about adding ZinMet® for Dairy into your ration.


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