Austasia Animal Products for Feedlot Cattle

Enhance your beef cattle’s performance with premium probiotics and additives

Keep your stock in top shape with Beef Culture® and ZinMet®

Our range of probiotics and trace mineral additives stimulates immune health and improves the overall health and condition in beef cattle.
Increase average daily gains with Beef Culture® by
ZinMet® improves DM feed conversion by
FlakeRite® reduces surface tension of water by

What is ZinMet®?

Proudly produced in Australia, ZinMet®'s unique complexation of zinc and chromium gives feedlot cattle a boost when it comes to performance. A trace mineral additive vital in the maintenance of the health and integrity of skin and hoof tissue, ZinMet® is the tried and tested supplement of choice for many Australian feedlotters.

What is Beef Culture®?

A direct fed microbial (DFM) consisting of a patented combination of bacteria, Beef Culture® is the most extensively researched DFM for ruminants on the market. Research has shown Beef Culture® helps finishing beef steers with recorded increase of 2.34% in average daily gain. Beef Culture® inhibits the growth of gram-negative pathogens in the small intestine resulting in a healthier gastrointestinal lining, improving nutrient absorption.
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What is FlakeRite®?

Austasia Animal Products’ premium non-ionic water surfactant FlakeRite® makes it easier to pump molasses while reducing residue build-up. FlakeRite® is a free-flowing aqueous solution that enables better water retention and reduces surface tension by 50%. FlakeRite® improves molasses distribution with in rations for your feedlot operations.
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The Value of Trace Minerals for Feedlot & Dairy Cattle

Backed by science, proven by performance.

Trust Australia’s market leaders in organic trace minerals for beef cattle.
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