ZinMet® for Poultry

Specific Organic Trace Minerals To Improve Broiler, Layer, & Turkey Performance

Improve poultry performance with ZinMet®

A premium organic trace mineral additive, ZinMet® is a unique complexation of zinc and methionine that enhances mineral retention to give your broilers, layers, and turkeys a boost in their growth.
Improves zinc absorption by
Improves feed conversion by
Increases body weight by

Why ZinMet® for Poultry?

Easily adaptable to different feeding regimes and less expensive than comparable dry products, ZinMet® helps fill essential nutrient gaps to meet performance and profitability goals.

ZinMet®'s extensive trial work has proven it increases:
  • Feed conversion
  • Zinc retention
  • Weight gain
  • Breast meat yield
  • Egg weight
  • Immune systems
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The Importance of Trace Minerals for Poultry Production

with Allen McDonald, Director of Technical Services, Global Animal Products

Why ZinMet® for Turkeys?

A 19-week trial of male turkey poults proved ZinMet® to achieve:
  • Increased body weight of 0.34kg at 19 WOA
  • Improved mortality-adjusted feed conversion by 3p
  • Mortality improvement of 4.24pp
  • Additional 0.15kg carcass weight at 19 WOA with most deposited in breast muscling:
    • Pectoral weight improved 0.12 kg/bird
    • Tender weight improved 0.036 kg/bird
    • Total breast weight improved 0.15 kg/bird
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ZinMet® Turkey Study: Body Weight Comparison (kg)

Backed by science, proven by performance.

Trust Australia’s market leaders in specific organic trace minerals.
Contact our team about adding ZinMet® for Poultry into your feeding program.
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