ZinMet® for Horses

A purpose built additive to keep your horse’s hooves and coat healthy

Improve your horse's hoof health and coat condition with ZinMet®

Austasia Animal Products has been supporting livestock industries across Australia, New Zealand and Southeast Asia for 20 years.

Our organic trace mineral additive, ZinMet®, stimulates keratin production, promoting healthy hoof growth, while managing problems such as hoof sloughing, cracks, abscesses and other problems cause by wet or harsh surfaces.

What is ZinMet®?

A combined source of organic trace minerals zinc and chromium, ZinMet® boosts keratin production and immune health, promoting stronger hooves and healthier coats.

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The farrier’s choice for hoof health

The worst point of Buddy’s illness in October 2021 (left), which improved in a few months after starting ZinMet® (right).

Tracey Mallia's success

Victorian farrier, Tracey Mallia, turned to ZinMet® to treat a 14-year-old thoroughbred, Buddy, who had severely damaged hooves due to an incorrect diagnosis from another specialist. 

“The extent of his illness would normally have taken around 18 months to fully heal, but with ZinMet® it was under control after just three months.”

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Check out all that new, healthy growth!

Viv Brient's success

After flooding left Viv Brient's horses standing in water and wet ground for weeks, causing white line disease, seedy toe, cracks and abscesses and making it painful for her horses to move, she turned to ZinMet®.

"I have honestly noticed a definite improvement in all my horses' hoof health. My horses have beautiful, clean, fresh, healthy new hoof growth."

Backed by science, proven by performance.

Trust Australia’s market leaders in organic trace minerals.

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