Please be aware this article contains graphic images of a severely injured horse’s leg. Discretion is advised.

Healesville Horse Owner Alison Callaghan’s stomach sank after a severe injury had degloved her horse, Abbiey’s leg, leading to an expected six-to-eight-month recovery which Alison believes has been accelerated with the inclusion of ZinMet® 50.

Alison believes Abbiey may have gotten her leg caught in a gnarled branch that had perforated her skin, leading to her degloving the soft tissue of her leg when she pulled it free.

“The injury was that severe, it had exposed the bone,” she said.

Abbiey's injury

Facing a lengthy recovery time, Alison said she and the Vet were surprised to see how quickly Abbiey’s wound was healing after inspecting the wound three days later.

“Taking the bandages off to look at Abbiey’s leg, we were both surprised to see how quickly the soft tissue began to recover,” she said.

Three days after Abbiey's injury

Alison’s first introduced ZinMet® 50 to her horses about four years ago from Victorian Stockist, Tracey Mallia who swears by the organic trace mineral additive. 

Alison said she includes ZinMet® along with vitamin C and magnesium in Abbiey’s feed, giving her 14.4g twice daily. 

“Being a 19-year-old Arabian, Abbiey was prone to rain scald and skin peeling on her nose before being introduced to the additive. 

“When we ran out of ZinMet®, we noticed her healing had slowed down until we were restocked.”

10 weeks after Abbiey's injury.

ZinMet® contains vital trace minerals zinc and chromium that are bound to methionine which allows ~80% absorption through the gastrointestinal tract.

Austasia Animal Products National Business Manager Paul Lloyd said ZinMet® was ideal for equine animals experiencing prolonged wet weather, exposed hard/rough stalls, waterlogged soils, health challenges, or a high prevalence of lameness.

“This combination of organic trace minerals enhances wound recovery by boosting the generation of epithelial tissue such as the skin and hooves while also increasing the tolerance to, and recovery from stress and morbidity,” he said.

While Abbiey still has a bit of a recovery time ahead of her Alison said she believes Abbiey’s healing has been in conjunction with her use of ZinMet®.

Learn more about our quality-specific organic trace mineral, ZinMet®, and its benefits for equine animals.


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