Indonesian Man Deported for Smuggling 6kg of Meat into Australia Amid FMD Outbreak Fears

Source: This Week In Asia, November 2022.

A traveller was fined and ordered to leave after border officers detected about 6 kg of undeclared meat, including 1.4 kg of beef rendang, in his bag.

Australia stepped up border measures to prevent foot and mouth disease from getting into the country following an outbreak on the Indonesian island of Bali.

Biosecurity officers at Perth airport also detected 3.1 kg of duck meat, more than 500 g of frozen beef and about 900 g of chicken in the visitor’s bags.

He had selected “no” on his pre-arrival passenger card that asked if he was bringing any meat, poultry, fish, seafood, eggs or vegetables into Australia.

Border officials cancelled his visa and repatriated him back to Indonesia on Sunday. They added the traveller, who was also fined A$ 2,664 (US$ 1,711), had planned to sell the meat to members of the local community.


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