AAP visits Global Animal Products

Chris O’Brien and Paul Lloyd had a great trip to the United States of America at the start of the year, visiting our sister company Global Animal Products and visiting beef conferences.

They attended the annual National Cattleman's Beef Association Trade Show at New Orleans from Wednesday, February 1 through to Friday, February 3, learning about developments in the beef industry.

Afterwards, they travelled to the Global Animal Products at Amarillo, Texas where they learnt about their current initiatives, going through the latest research and product developments.

They joined GAP Director of Technical Services Dr Allen McDonald and CEO Ben Tarr to have some quality time with the young meat team from Texas A&M University.

Some of the highlights of the USA trip included:

  • A tour of Global Animal Products' state-of-the-art manufacturing processes at their Global Plant.
  • Learning about the latest technologies used in recording and monitoring systems used by GAP for bulk products.
  • Reviewing both old and new trial data with GAP's tech services team.
  • Learning about the current research schedule for different trials and their parameters that are coming up.
  • Catching up on all the new standards in place with safe feed quality assurance program and awards achieved at Global Animal Products.
  • Comparing work health and safety programs that are implemented in both AAP and GAP.
  • Researching several products that are used in the US that may have creditability in Australian market.


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