AAP History

Austasia Animal Products Pty Ltd (AAP) was established in 1998 and is headquartered in Forbes, NSW Australia. AAP is engaged in the manufacture and marketing of organic trace mineral compounds vital to health, growth and protein synthesis in food producing animals. Currently AAP manufactures and markets ZinMet® zinc methionine, CuBet® copper dibetaine, ManMet® manganese methionine, FeMet® iron methionine, and LiquiTrace 7® liquid mineral supplement to all intensive livestock industries in Australia and New Zealand, especially into the beef and dairy industries. AAP also manufactures and markets FlakeRite® grain conditioner to intensive livestock and stockfeed manufacturing industries.

The owners of AAP are Antony Hoey of Forbes, NSW, and Ken Ridenour of Amarillo, Texas, USA, who formed the company to take advantage of market opportunities for liquid zinc methionine in the feedlot cattle industry. Their leadership and innovation in production methods have enabled AAP to supply all their products more economically by eliminating certain middleman costs.

Prior to June 2003, AAP leased a facility to manufacture ZinMet® at Unanderra in NSW. In June 2003, AAP terminated the lease arrangement when construction was completed at AAP's new, state-of-the-art production facility in Forbes, NSW. The first batch of ZinMet® was produced at this new facility in May 2003. This new facility has allowed AAP to expand the product range to what it is today.

In March of 2007, AAP was accredited with ISO standard 9001. This was another step forward in AAP's commitment to supply safe, high quality and cost-effective products for all livestock industries.

A new product was added to the AAP product range in June 2008 when Nutrition Physiology Corporation USA announced that AAP was to be the exclusive Australian agent for its respected direct fed microbial product NPC Beef Culture®.

November 2011 saw AAP achieve the Australian Pesticides and Veterinary Medicine Authority's (APVMA) GMP accreditation which has taken the Forbes production facility to a higher level of quality standards.